Beautiful Okanagan summer-proof lashes

Lash lift and tint will enhance your natural lashes so they stand up tall for everyone to see! With the perfect curl from base to tip they will look amazing for weeks to come and grow out looking beautiful every time.


Lifted and  tinted lashes can be a beautiful alternative to falsies or extensions!

After getting your lashes lifted they will grow out smoothly and you won’t have that awkward patchy phase unlike lash extensions.

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Check out this amazing Okanagan lash transformation that took less than one hour to achieve!

Lash lift and tint can really showcase your lashes that were previously invisible!

Did you know a lash lift can last between 6-8 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle! WOW talk about low maintenance lashes!

Using a lash growth serum such as EyEnvy can help strengthen and lengthen your lashes! Paired with a lash lift and tint your lashes will be unstoppable!

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Stunning lashes you wake up with every morning! No hassle, no aftercare, more pulling a panda at the pool this summer!

These bad boys are water proof, sweat proof and fool proof!

Come to Studio Ki to get some amazing natural lashes to call your own!

Getting your lashes lifted and tinted is easy and painless! It takes less than one hour and lasts for 6-8 weeks!

Lash tips!

  • Using a lash serum such as EyEnvy will make you lashes look even more bomb!
  • Pairing a lash lift with microblading or henna brows and get a combo price!
  • Come with a girlfiend, get your lashes done together and save!

The ONLY Rules

  • When you come in for your appointment please come mascara free!
  • Don’t get you lashes wet for 24 hours 
  • No waterproof mascara’s after a lifting! Normal mascara is ok to use after 24 hours.   

Treat yourself and book a lash lift and tint today! #selfcare

Give yourself more free time every morning! Wake up looking naturally bight eye’d and bushy tailed!  Click here to book online 24/7 or contact me directly if you need assistance booking!

Fall in love with low maintenance lashes today!




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