Okanagan falling in love with brows!

Studio Ki is the Okanagan’s microblading destination!

Welcome to Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics, home of the Okanagan’s microblading experts!  We are located in Vernon but do brows for people all over British Columbia and beyond!   Studio Ki specializes in all permanent cosmetics services, not just microblading. We also have very talented women working in the studio that will help you wake up feeling beautiful every morning. 

  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent lipstick, lip blush
  • Permanent freckles
  • Powder brows, ombre brows, combo brows
  • Lash lifts and tints
  • Henna brows
  • Teeth whitening
  • Saline Tattoo removal 
  • Facials
  • Procell Micro-channeling

 Studio Ki is located downtown Vernon BC and our expertise is limited but perfected, we are not a full-service salon. We don’t do hair, we don’t do nails and we certainly do not tattoo you in our basement!

Permanent cosmetics is our full-time job and we aim to give you a natural yet perfected look.

Okanagan’s microblading experts

Check out these babes and their before and after’s from Studio Ki!

So you want to wake up with brows, here are the deets!

Permanent cosmetics or permanent make-up is the best way for you to wake up feeling more like yourself! Natural, beautiful and perfected.

Imagine waking up and your brows are already looking perfect and you don’t need to spend 15 in the morning trying to draw them on.

Envision jumping into the lake or pool and you come out and your eyeliner still perfectly in place and no smearing down your face.

Think of how it would be to eat a full meal and your lips still look as luscious and bright as when you left the house.

Permanent make-up can do all this and more for you!

At Studio Ki we believe Microblading and other permanent makeup should look natural, it should help enhance your existing looks! People will always wonder how does she look so good all the time? We want you to feel confident and beautiful as you live your Okanagan lifestyle, never having to wonder if your face is still in place!

Photo to the left is a full face done at Studio Ki -powder brows, permanent lipstick and eyeliner.

How to book with the Okanagan’s microblading experts

It is super easy to book online – Just click right here!

We can start with a free consultation or if you have read the Before You Visit the page and know you are a good candidate you can book your appointment today!

When you leave the studio with your new look we will provide you with all of the products you need to heal up beautifully! Make sure you read the Studio Aftercare page so you know what to expect, and what you will have to avoid for the week after your appointment!

If you are pretty sure you want to come into Studio Ki for some new brows or lip blush but you still want to know more about what to expect, then check out my youtube channel! I have created videos explaining the process, the aftercare and what to expect from your permanent cosmetics.

In the Okanagan microblading and permanent makeup are very popular! People want to look and feel their best without having to worry about it. Permanent cosmetics can give you peace of mind that you always look good, any time day or night.

The secret is out! Amazing brows don’t happen by chance they happen by appointment. All you have to do is a book with me and I will take care of the rest!

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