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If eyebrows are the only thing you ever hear me talk about then why not check out my new YouTube post! You can learn all about all the services Studio Ki has to offer in beautiful Vernon BC! Permanent makeup , microblading and everything else that will help you effortlessly walk out the door looking beautiful and feeling amazing. 

Brows are my specialty at my Okanagan based Studio located in sunny down town Vernon but Studio Ki has a lot more to offer than just brows! At the Studio we specialize in all things permanent make-up!


Will permanent makeup & microblading last a lifetime?

Did you know permanent cosmetics is not meant to be fully permanent! Weird right?! It is true though. Besides styles change so it’s actually a good thing in my opinion that it doesn’t last for ever!

Depending on what service you get it can last between 1-5 years for most people. A lot of things come in to consideration when looking at the longevity of your permanent cosmetics, including your skin and your lifestyle!

For example People with really oily skin will not hold microblading as well as people with drier skin! This is why I do a lot more than just microblaing. Powder brows for example are more suitable for all skin types as well as all ages.

Have I mentioned my favourite type of brow is a combo brow? This is the combination of microblading and powder brows. Essentially it is microblading with shading and it make the brows look fuller and more realistic!

Blade and shade, ombre brows, henna brows!

But wait!! This post is supposed to be about more than just brows! You want to hear about what else I do at Studio Ki! DUH! Incase you did not notice I am a little brow obsessed!

So permanent make up is called permanent because it is there when you wake up, after you wash your face, after you get out of the pool or the lake and even after you go for a run! It does not wipe off! It stays on so you are always looking fresh and ready to go!

My business is to enhance your natural beauty and make you look more like yourself at all times day or night.

Studio Ki – New YouTube out now!

In my new YouTube video I explain it all! Permanent eyeliner, permanent lip colour, henna brows, lash lift and tint, teeth whitening and even saline tattoo removal! 

If you have ideas for new videos you want to see then feel free to drop me a line! I am very passionate about what I do and I would love to help you learn more about permanent cosmetics and all they have to offer! 


Book me in at Studio Ki

I’m ready to look my best with minimal effort #brushesbrowsdoesntbrushhair! 

If you are ready to save time every morning and have the confidence that your face is still in place without having to check the mirror then book with me here! Brows, eyeliner, lip blush I do it all and it’s what I do!

You don’t go to your mechanic to fix your roof so why would you go to your nail tech to get your face tattoo’d? Come to Studio Ki because amazing brows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment at Studio Ki! All you have to do is book and I will take care of the rest!


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