How Long Does Microblading Take To Heal?

How Long Does Microblading Take To Heal?

How Your Micro-bladed Brows Will Heal In The Upcoming Days

Having microblading treatment for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for you. Therefore you should have a detailed discussion with your makeup artist before the treatment. They will explain to you the procedure, what to expect during the healing process and provide you with aftercare guidelines once you have had the procedure. 


Here is how your micro-bladed brows will heal in the upcoming days:

Day 1:

After having your microblading procedure, your brows will look thick and luscious for the first day. But they will start to fade once the healing process begins.


Moreover, you can experience the following on your first day:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Mild swelling
  • Bleeding


You can also have sensations of pain in and around your brow region.

Days 2 – 3:

Once you have spent the first day, you can expect the pain, tenderness, or swelling to fade away.

Days 3 – 5:

By day 3 your brows will have a stronger and fuller look but this would not last long. Soon your eyebrows will start to flake off. Flaking happens because your body starts to form scabs on the micro-bladed region. The pain and tenderness will subside and your eyebrows will get bold.


On the fifth day, your incisions will begin to scab. During the scabbing process, you can expect your eyebrows to be flaky and itchy. You should not worry because this is a sign that your healing process has begun.


Days 12 – 21

Between day 12 and day 21 your eyebrows will look more natural and their texture will become smoother. You can expect your eyebrows to have a feathery look, and they will look more pronounced as well.

Days 21 – 30:

After the third week, your micro-bladed region would have healed and you will no longer feel any pain or discomfort. However, you might feel that your eyebrows are lighter and softer as compared to how they were right after the microblading procedure.


You can expect to have a follow-up session with your beauty expert, depending on how quickly your micro-bladed brows start to fade. This will keep your brows looking full and luscious every moment.

Microblading Healing After A Touch-up

Having touch-up sessions every once in a while is essential to keep your microbladed brows in top-notch condition. Regular touch-ups maintain your eyebrow’s shape, color, and definition. 


Most people will require a touch-up in 12 to 18 months after their initial session of microblading. However, the frequency of these sessions will depend on the speed with which your microblading fades. 


A touch-up is essentially the same procedure, compared to your first session but on a smaller scale. Since these sessions only target a few areas of your eyebrows the healing process is quicker and people report shorter healing times. 

Skincare After Microblading

Most invasive makeup procedures have a similar aftercare procedure and microblading is no different. 


Right after the procedure, your eyebrows will look more defined and pronounced. However, the underlying skin will be red.


You will also be asked by your technician to use a wet cotton swab on your micro-bladed eyebrow. Doing this will remove any excess pigment/ink left on your eyebrow skin. Remember to use sterilized water to avoid the risk of infection.


You can expect your skin to appear healed after the first week and the color of your eyebrows will also fade.


Here are some steps you should follow for proper care:


The recommended approach is to keep your micro-bladed brows from getting wet for the first 10 days. You will need to use covering pads when showering to keep your brows dry.


After your microblading session, you will also be informed to avoid wearing makeup for at least a week. Makeup is known to interfere with the pigments used in the microblading procedure.


You should also refrain from picking scabs and flakes.

Avoid swimming, saunas, and tasks that cause excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have had a follow-up with your makeup artist.

You should also keep your hair tied and not allow them to settle on your micro-bladed eyebrows.


If you have opted for wet healing you should apply the ointment or balm at regular intervals.

Is The Touch-up Session Necessary?

Depending on the results of your microblading treatment, you might need to have a touch-up session.


If your microblading result did not come out as expected, do not get disheartened because these results vary from person to person. Each person heals differently and you can always go for a touch-up session after 4-6 weeks.


In this session, the makeup artist will adjust the pigment color, brow thickness and add more strokes to make your eyebrows fuller. 

What Can I Expect During the Healing Process?

Your healing process will have certain phases where you will see abrupt changes in the composition of your eyebrows. Every day your brows will have a different look and there will be moments when you will think that your color is wrong or the shape of your brows is wrong.


You might feel itches in your scabs, you can also expect your micro-bladed brows to disappear. The process will require you to be patient because, in the end, it is going to pay off.


Every person’s skin heals at a different rate. Some people recover quickly and without any scabs at all, while others need as long as 6 weeks or more for their skin to heal.


Factors that can affect your microblading results.

  • Age
  • Skin type
  • Overall health

What Are The Stages Of the Microblading Healing Process?

The microblading healing process can be divided into 6 stages: 

Days 1-5: Flaking and scabbing are common. Your brows will have a dark and fuller look

Days 8-11: Pigments fades, brows can disappear altogether

Days 11-21: Your brows will reappear and they might have a patchy look

After 21 days: Touch-up and full recovery once healing completes.

These stages can overlap and these time spans are not fixed. 

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the initial phase is the most difficult. You will need to be extremely careful during this stage and should strictly follow the aftercare guidelines.

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