How Much Does Lip Blush Hurt?

How Much Does Lip Blush Hurt?

Lip blush is the new fad in semi-permanent makeup procedures that everyone’s talking about. And why won’t it be? I mean you can get picture-perfect lips with beautiful glossy colors without having to put makeup on every day. That is better than a dream for us ladies.


If you haven’t heard of lip blush or are seeking to learn more you have certainly landed in the right place. 


The only thing really stopping people from getting this life-changing procedure is either they don’t know about it or they think it’s a process like tattooing which hurts and isn’t for everyone. 


However, y’all couldn’t be more wrong! Keep reading to find out more about lip blushing and learn how to successfully prepare for the procedure to get the best results. Trust me when I say this you will thank us.


What Is Lip Blushing?


Lip blushing is a cosmetic treatment to semi-permanently enhance lip color with colored ink deposits with the help of a tattoo needle. With the recent advancements in semi-permanent makeup techniques, the result is a subtle lip tattoo that does not look synthetic or saturated. Pepper-shading and whip-shading are two traditional tattooing techniques similar to lip blush because they both combine the artist’s continuous hand movement. The result of lip blushing lasts for about two to three years and fills your lips with a glossy tint.


Most people are enthusiastic about getting a lip blush because they can flaunt their natural lips without using lip colors, lipsticks, or a lip balm. You can always use these products if you want to switch up your looks, but most lip blush customers are satisfied to remain makeup-free. You can have the confidence of waking up and baring your natural lips without using beauty products. 


Advantages Of The Lip Blushing Procedure


Lip blushing gives your lips a subliminal yet stunning au naturel look without the continuous responsibility of maintaining a traditional tattoo. Some advantages of lip blushing are: 


  • Colour rectification for unbalanced pigmentation or scars
  • Recondition lip symmetry
  • Well-rounded lip shape without surgery or injectables
  • The opportunity to change your lip shade
  • Reinforce pigmentation for bland, colorless, or aging lips
  • Vivid lip color


The biggest advantage of lip blushing is that it gives your lips a rich color that coincides with your skin color without looking ‘made up. Another great thing about lip blushing is that it is effective for a wide variety of skin tones and skin types. Makeup artists must take extra care dealing with clients with abundant melanin in their skin because hyperpigmentation can occur.


Preparing For Lip Blushing


Most people will need to prepare for the lip blush appointment several weeks in advance. Some people might need to consult a doctor before getting the treatment. The following people should not get a lip blushing:


  • Individuals with the condition of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation
  • Individuals prone to cold sores
  • People taking blood-thinning medication, Accutane, or steroids
  • Pregnant or nursing women


Besides the following conditions, it is not a good idea to schedule a lip blushing appointment when you are on your period. Stop consuming alcoholic drinks at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water so that it is easier to achieve an even pigment saturation. You can schedule a consultation with your makeup artist to make sure if you need to take any extra precautions before the session.


Setting Realistic Expectations For Lip Blushing


To start things off, your makeup artist will create a one-of-a-kind shade based on your lips and skin tone to help you achieve the desired look. The best professional makeup artists flaunt their ability to create the perfect custom shade for all of their clients. The artist will ask you “what color do you prefer?” Bring along your favorite lipsticks and lip gloss so you can show the makeup artist the exact color you want.


Try to incorporate a “light tint” to achieve a subtle transformation with delicately filled in luscious lips. Lip blushing might not be the thing for you if you are looking for an extremely bold look like your favorite dark lipstick. Lip blushing will enhance the color of your lips by one or two shades at the most. 


Partaking In The Lip Blushing Session


The makeup artist will draw an outline of your desired lip shape with lipstick or lip liner. Now, the artist’s assistant will come in to apply the topical numbing cream. Once the numbing cream works, the makeup artist will use a mechanical tattoo gun to begin the tattooing process. Even with the best numbing cream, you will feel a slight tingling sensation during the tattooing. 


The entire procedure can take an hour and a half, so let the artist know if the effect of the numbing cream wears off during the session. Your lips will look much darker right after the session than after the healing process. Schedule a touchup session eight weeks after the lip blushing appointment to get the best results. Some people might require more than one touchup if they are looking for an overall even tone.


Potential Adverse Effects Of Lip Blushing


As with any kind of semi-permanent makeup technique, there is always a risk of an allergic reaction, infection, or compromised results. Always choose an experienced and licensed technician to make sure that you and the makeup artist are aware of everything that can go wrong. In most cases, you will experience swelling right after the procedure and this is completely normal.


Just like any tattoo treatment, your skin peels after the procedure and the swelling will give way to healing skin. Makeup artists recommend using unscented soap after the procedure for a few days. Avoid scratching or exposing your lips to extreme temperatures in the first five days after the procedure.


Where Can I Get Premier Lip Blushing Services?


Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics has some of the best lip blushing services in British Columbia at the most affordable prices. You can see the certificate that ensures their premises pass the local health and safety inspection, and all of their makeup artists are qualified professionals. Ask someone to see before and after photos of their makeup artist’s work before deciding. The best way is to schedule a consultation and ask a qualified professional all the questions about the procedure.

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