Is Microblading Worth It?

Is Microblading Worth It?

Advancements in technology, innovation, and science have provided answers and solutions to problems that we face on a daily basis. Whether it is to ease our lives or to make us look our best, today, almost anything is possible!

For those of you looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for months or even years science has an answer to that as well and it is called ‘Microblading’. This cosmetic procedure is a semi-permanent makeup technique gaining popularity with each passing day.

Microblading eyebrows give you natural-looking individual hair strokes to ensure your brows don’t appear fake or artificial. The strokes of pigment are so clean that people wouldn’t even realize that they aren’t 100% natural.

So, if you, like most people, have also dreamed about perfectly shaped, defined, and fuller brows- microblading could be your savior!


Benefits Of Microblading Your Brows

Enhancing facial features to make your face look more appealing is nothing new. Humans have always craved long-lasting beauty ever since the dawn of time. However, with time and innovations in technology, our methods of beautification have also advanced.

Microblading is one such advanced method to beautify brows. The procedure has become the favorite for many in a short span of time, and the reason is simple, it works!

Qualified artists use a special tool to achieve these perfectly shaped brows. The tool is similar to a tattoo gun but has customized extra thin needles that help deposit pigment into the skin.

With microblading, you will no longer need to do your brows every morning. Did we mention no threading and waxing either! It saves you a lot of hassle.

Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic benefits microblading provides.


Natural Looking Thicker & Fuller Brows

We have all looked at the mirror at some point in our lives and thought “I wish I had thicker eyebrows”. Well, microblading helps you achieve just that.

This semi-permanent makeup allows you to get the shape of eyebrows you have always wanted, and you also can have them as thick as you like. Not only that, but you can also choose the shade of your brows. It is the perfect solution to our ‘brow’ problems!

No Expense On Brow Products

Buying eyebrow cosmetic products is expensive. Some of us even have to spend a small fortune just to get our brows looking the way they should.

Even though microblading has a high upfront cost it saves you a whole chunk of change not having to buy eyebrow brushes, tweezers, eyebrow pencils, gel, highlighters, and more.

Your brows will look flawless every day without you having to do anything except a few occasional touchup sessions every nine to fifteen months just so that they can get the refresher they need.

No Wasting Time Doing Makeup

Microblading is for everyone from every walk of life, especially those who spend a lot of time every day in front of a mirror doing their brows. Imagine you wouldn’t have to apply makeup and still look presentable; how much time, money, and energy it will save on a day-to-day basis?

Long-Lasting Eyebrows

Though the procedure is semi-permanent, that doesn’t mean it vanishes too quickly. Although the brows eventually fade over time, they still last a couple of years with occasional touch-ups.

The best thing once the healing process is completed is that the brows won’t smudge when touched, and even swimming or sweating will not affect their look.

Quick & Painless Procedure

It takes up to 2 to 4 hours for most artists to complete the procedure, which is nothing compared to the long-lasting results. You will feel minimal to no pain as certified artists will use a numbing cream or ointment on the brow area to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

The healing process isn’t long either. Seven to ten days for most, but to be on the safe side give your eyebrows a month of SPF, and then the results will speak for themselves!

After six weeks of the initial session, you will require a follow-up, and there will be a touchup appointment every year; that’s about it. It is this easy to get the dream eyebrows you have always wanted!


So, Is It Worth It?

There are numerous benefits of microblading, but the biggest one is that it completely changes how you look at yourself by improving your confidence. After the procedure, you will feel like a new person, and you won’t be able to wait to show off the new brows you have.

So, the simple answer to this question if microblading is worth all the hype is a resounding YES!

Microblading is worth all the praise it is receiving and more because of the ease of the procedure and long-lasting results.

If you have chosen an experienced and certified artist, you should get natural-looking brows that complement your existing facial features.

It may seem a little tough to believe that a semi-permanent makeup technique can mimic natural hair strands. Still, once you see microblading eyebrows, you will never doubt the power of technology and skill again.


Choosing The Right Artist Is Everything!

If you are sure about the procedure and want to get it done, you need to put your energies in the right direction; finding the best artist for your brows. You need to find someone who you can trust going under the needle.

Consider their training, talent, skill, and certifications prior to making a decision. You would want to know your eyebrows are in good hands. Ask for the portfolio, and ensure you see the before and after pictures.

Testimonies from their previous clients can be a big help. Search the artist online and read the reviews clients have left. It is the best way to ensure the artist you are choosing is trustworthy.

Microblading may not be a lengthy or high-risk cosmetic procedure, but it is a delicate one. It needs professional well-trained hands to get that perfect symmetrical look. It is art in many ways and as such you want the best artist you know to be wielding that brush or in this case needles!


Microblading In Veron, BC

British Columbia is a happening province with great weather, fashionable people, and lots of nature. It promotes a high-octane lifestyle and as such looking your best at all times is essential.

If you are looking for a studio that has plenty of experience with all types of semi-permanent makeup procedures pay a visit to our Studio in Vernon, BC. With an excellent facility, experienced and friendly staff, and a fantastic atmosphere we aim to tick all boxes when it comes to giving you an experience you won’t forget!


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