Microblading Kelowna – How To Choose Your Artist?

Microblading Kelowna – How To Choose Your Artist?

A couple of decades ago, we couldn’t have even imagined the advancements in permanent makeup that we have today. Getting our lips plumped or our skin rid of wrinkles is a cosmetic marvel that we take forgranted every day. 

Innovations such as microblading have not only made it possible to have flawless features but without breaking the bank or involving invasive surgery.

Our brows are one of the most prominent features when it comes to our visage. Having the freedom to get the brows of your dreams is a total game-changer, especially, for us ladies out there!

Even a small change in our eyebrow styling can make our appearance look totally different. Microblading lets us change our brows the way we like and keeps them as close to natural-looking as possible for as long as possible. Due to this, people who were not interested in sharpie brows are now also favoring the microblading technique.

It interests all genders equally because it doesn’t make your face look unnatural or artificial. However, it is essential to carefully choose the microblading artist because an amateur can ruin your eyebrows and in turn your beautiful face. 

However, before you start hunting down the perfect artist for your brows, gaining some basic knowledge about microblading is imperative.

Microblading 101 – What You Need To Know

The eyebrows you get after microblading are also referred to as 3D eyebrows. This is because they are not just colored in but are rather layered to look as close to natural and realistic brows as possible. These brows don’t last forever, but in most cases, you should be able to get at the very least a couple of years out of them.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that is semi-permanent. The method is an advanced permanent makeup technique that involves a device that resembles a tattoo gun. A trained and certified technician conducts the procedure. The device used is handheld. 10 to 15 microneedles are attached to the blade of the device; hence the name ‘microblading.’

The needles are thinner than tattoo needles and form a perfect hair-like texture when inserted into the skin using ink. The needles don’t go too deep into the skin, just under the top surface. 

The pigments used in the procedure are skin safe and come in various shades to ensure you get the perfect brows to compliment your face.

Who Should Consider Microblading Eyebrows?

Everyone wants darker and more defined eyebrows. Women have been trying different ways to achieve perfect-looking brows for decades. I am sure we haven’t forgotten the ’90s when maintaining your brows involved tweezers, razors, and drawing with eyeliner. Thanks to modern techniques, we don’t have to rely on these anymore.

Compared to its counterparts, microblading offers the most natural-looking eyebrows. It enhances the brows without making them appear fake. Arch, density, and shaping; name what you want, and it will provide the desired results. Not many people would be able to tell that these are not your real brows.

Even when someone loses their brows completely due to any reason, microblading can give them new ones without making their face look artificial. So, it is not just for skimpy brows; it is also great for people who have no brows.

Another reason many prefer microblading is that it is semi-permanent. You can change your eyebrow styling ever so often. The beauty industry is known for trends, and trends keep on changing. If your brows have become un-trendy, you can always change it, simple!

How To Choose Your Artist For Microblading?

No one can become a professional overnight, and the same goes for artists. They may have the creativity and skills, but they still need training and experience. If someone can hold a brush, it doesn’t mean they can be the next Picasso. 

Microblading is even tougher as it is a cosmetic procedure, where a lot is at stake. Making a mistake is simply not an option!

Well, you are in luck! We have compiled a list of all the important things to consider when choosing an artist for a microblading procedure.

  1. Find a studio or artist that isn’t hesitant to provide a free consultation before the actual procedure.
  2. The artist in question should be trained and certified in microblading and be cleared by the health the local health inspector. If the artist is newer make sure they are working under an experienced artist.
  3. He/she must also have adequate experience and a proven track record. Photos, reviews, videos and a good local reputation. 
  4. The treatment room should be clean and sanitized.
  5. The instruments used in the procedure must be sterilized or disposable.
  6. The technician must maintain cleanliness and hygiene protocols to perfection.
  7. The brow artist should be able to gain your trust, make you comfortable, and answer all your questions.
  8. Make sure to look at before and after photos of the artist’s work.
  9. The artist or technician should preferably have an online presence where you can view their portfolio. 
  10. Look into the testimonials and see if their clients have been happy and satisfied with the services. Client reviews are really important. Don’t ignore these.
  11. Popular and experienced brow artists will likely ask you to wait for an appointment as they are usually booked. This is a good sign!
  12. Cheaper is not necessarily a good sign. A good artist will invest a lot of money in proper products and extensive training and their price point should reflect this.
  13. Always Make sure your artist has videos as well as photos of the brows they create. 
  14. Look at their portfolio or ask them to see images of healed work. Fresh work will vary drastically from the soft natural look of healed brows. .

Microblading Studio/Artist In Kelowna, BC

Estheticians, nail artists, lash artists, and cosmetology professionals are not permanent makeup artists. You need to know the difference. They may get the training and even start microblading on clients, but they are not allowed to perform the procedure in many provinces without proper certification.

If you live in Kelowna, BC, and are looking for a trusted studio or artist to take care of your frailing brows make sure you pay a visit to Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics. Studio Ki specializes in all types of permanent makeup procedures and ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the right artist for the job. Give us a call today to learn more or book an appointment.

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